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Florarium webshop, plant terrarium preparation

A bite of mini jungle, a small desert or a fairy garden in your flat, office and restaurant

óriás florárium dzsungel

Florariums, plant terrariums and bottle gardens

We prepare florariums, bottle gardens and plant terrariums in Budapest, Hungary.

What is a florarium? A florarium is a small indoor garden, built in a glass container, ball or bowl. There are open and closed florariums, terrariums. If a florarium is closed it has a small ecosystem, therefore it doesn’t need extra watering. Open terrariums need watering, depending on which type of plants are in. 

Florarium and plant terrarium is an ideal solution for small flats as well, where you don’t have too much space for plants.

Caring for even such a small garden, watching its’ growing is a great relaxing for your soul!

Florarium webshop

In our florarium webshop you can find both samples and ready-to-take pieces, if you need something marvellous as a present immediately. You can grab your florarium personally in Budapest, 18th district.

Unique requests are welcome! We already prepared moss bottle gardens for sisters, a rock climbing moss garden for a climber, fairy garden and hobbit house as well!

Our bottle gardens, moss gardens and succulent florariums are ideal gifts for those friends of you, who are “plant killers”, or just forget to water the plants…

Green decoration and eco presents

We are open for your company’s request for bulk preparation. Please, feel free to contact us with your ideas!

Green decoration for restaurants, hotels

Florariums and especially bottle gardens are ideal for green, living decoration of restaurant tables, hotel rooms and other social areas. They don’t need even watering for months, and provide unique scenery.

Office plant

We know exactly how plants are suffering in most of the office buildings… They don’t like air conditioning, they don’t get enough light… Nobody feels responsibility for those poor creatures…

Be brave and give responsibilty and a tiny bite of nature for your employees! We are open to provide florariums, bottle gardens and moss bottles for your company.

Sustainable and eco friendly present

A bottle garden could be an ideal solution for promotional gifts or representation gift. Florariums live for months, and bottle gardens are great office plants as they don’t require too much day-to-day caring.

florariums and plant terrariums

Who we are

We are a family owned small company in Budapest.

MiniKert brand was established in January, 2021. It started as a hobby, while we were designing and preparing websites and webshops under our main brand, sikermarketing. So we decided to develop a new branch for our family business.

We enjoy working with clients and preparing something stunning for them – it could be a florarium or a website, it doesn’t matter.

We are extremely proud that we got wonderful feedbacks from our buyers in just a few weeks.

Please, feel free to contact us!